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Durex Intense 3s
Durex Intense 3s
Durex Intense 3s

Durex Intense 3s

Turn up the intensity with Durex Intense, the perfect condom for giving her ultimate pleasure. The ribbed and dotted natural rubber latex condoms are dosed with Desirex gel brings intense waves of warming, cooling, and tingling sensations, and releases her excitement.


Condom Design: Ribbed & Dotted design

Girth: Wide fit (56mm)

Lubrication: Extra Desirex gel (for warming, cooling or tingling senstation)


·        Donning: EASY-ONTM shape, teat-ended and smooth

·        Packaging: Easy to get it on right first time, the Durex logo on the foil shows you the bottom of the condom

·        Material: Transparent, made from natural rubber latex

·        This condom has been dermatologically tested, and 100% of condoms are electronically tested