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推薦計劃簡介 How the referral program works

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*Excluding Stage 1 formula milk

朋友專享HK$50優惠 Friends enjoy HK$50 off

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You get 1500 points

Get rewarded with 1500 points for the first qualifying purchase of your referred friends


甚麼是利潔時旗艦店積分計劃? - What is The Reckitt Flagship Store Loyalty Program?



The Reckitt Flagship Store Loyalty Program is a free membership program that rewards loyal customers for purchasing Reckitt products on the the Reckitt Flagship Store.
Earn 1 point for every HK$1 spent on selected Reckitt products. Members can redeem their points for the Reckitt Flagship Store vouchers. And they can also enjoy other exclusive benefits, such as bonus points and points multipliers. It is simple to register for an account, and let’s start earning points and unlocking exclusive benefits in different ways! 

我怎樣可以使用/兌換我的積分?我可以以積分兌換甚麼獎賞?- How do I redeem rewards and what can I redeem my points for? 


1) 以1500積分換領港幣$50利潔時健康及營養旗艦店購物優惠券
2) 以3000積分換領港幣$100利潔時健康及營養旗艦店購物優惠券
3) 以4500積分換領港幣$150利潔時健康及營養旗艦店購物優惠券
4) 以6000積分換領港幣$200利潔時健康及營養旗艦店購物優惠券


You can redeem points for discount vouchers and there are following options to choose from: 

1) 1500 points for HK$50 Reckitt Flagship Store discount voucher 
2) 3000 points for HK$100 Reckitt Flagship Store discount voucher 
3) 4500 points for HK$150 Reckitt Flagship Store discount voucher 
4) 6000 points for HK$200 Reckitt Flagship Store discount voucher 

You can select eligible vouchers directly on the checkout page. Vouchers can only be used when purchase over HK$400 selected products (excluding Stage 1 formula milk). Please also note that vouchers are for one-time use irrespective of cart value and only one voucher code can be applied during checkout. 

甚麼是額外積分, 如何可以獲得額外積分?- What are Bonus Points and when are they awarded?



Bonus points are additional one-time points that you can earn when you upgrade to a higher tier. Bonus points will be awarded as follows -  

-    Upgrade to Silver Privilege Status - awarded  120  bonus points  
-    Upgrade to Gold Privilege Status - awarded  200 bonus points

甚麼是倍數積分? - What are Point Multipliers? 


Point multipliers will increase your points earning rate for an eligible action. For example, without a points multiplier, you may earn 100 points for spending HK$100. If however you are eligible for a 1.2x multiplier, you can earn 120 points for spending HK$100 on the program.