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Durex Soft Vibrator
Durex Soft Vibrator
Durex Soft Vibrator
Durex Soft Vibrator

Durex Soft Vibrator

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杜蕾斯情趣玩具系列  一點。一震  無盡快感



柔軟三球設計  刺激從不間斷



  1. 三球設計:每次進出三重刺激 快感直達高潮
  2. 柔軟雙層硅膠:無明顯異物感,暢游神秘區域
  3. 8種震動頻率:最高頻率可到6000rpm
  4. IPX7級安全防水*:無論多濕 無法阻止快感繼續



  1. 可充電鋰電池:充滿一次 可連續使用60分鐘
  2. 安全鎖:5秒上鎖 以防誤觸







Durex Sex Toys Series – One Motion, Endless Pleasure


Durex Soft Vibrator

Three-ball shape, excitement never stop.


Product Benefit:

  1. Specially Designed Three-ball Shape: 3x excitement brings you to the pleasure.
  2. Bilayer Soft Silicone: No sensible foreign body sensation.
  3. Features 8 Vibration Patterns: powerful motor with more than 6000rmp for passionate stimulation.
  4. IPX7 Waterproof*: Can be used for up to 30 minutes whilst showering.


Other Feather:

  1. Rechargeable lithium-ion battery: A full recharge, max. usage for 60 minutes.
  2. Safety lock: Press both buttons simultaneously for 1.5s to activate the lock.


Silicone material. Safety use, enjoy the excitement.

Use the Durex water-based lubricants for better experience.


*Do not place it in water deeper than 1 metre, or for longer than 30 minutes.