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Durex Air Extra Smooth Condoms 15s

Durex Air Extra Smooth Condoms 15s

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Following the launch of Durex AIR in 2015, it brings you 5 major innovations.

This year Durex will take advantage of the victory and bring you more slippery Durex Air Range (AIR & AIR Extra Smooth) have 5 revolutionary attributes:
Thin: It is the thinnest latex condom ever produced by Durex*
Lubricating: Durex Air are super fine condoms with lubricant to enhance feeling between you and your partner, bringing you closer through sex. The Extra Smooth version have extra lubricant for a more pleasurable experience.
Soft: With special technology, Durex Air is softer than other condoms which let you to have greater comfort.
Sensit-Fit TM: Durex Sensit-Fit TM technology to fit your shape, you can’t imagine how fit it is and give you greater sensitivity for ultimate sexual experience.
Clear Odour: The special way we make Durex Air means they smell better so there are no unpleasant distractions, you can just relax and enjoy.