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杜蕾斯001倍滑裝 3片裝衛生套
杜蕾斯001倍滑裝 3片裝衛生套
杜蕾斯001倍滑裝 3片裝衛生套
杜蕾斯001倍滑裝 3片裝衛生套
杜蕾斯001倍滑裝 3片裝衛生套
杜蕾斯001倍滑裝 3片裝衛生套

杜蕾斯001倍滑裝 3片裝衛生套

杜蕾斯001 倍滑裝,全新DUALUBE® 配方,120%滑度^提升潤滑快感


潤滑度:全新DUALUBE ® 配方,混合雙重矽油潤滑劑,達至120%潤滑^。


闊度:基本闊度(54mm +/-2mm)



  1. 更薄* – 杜蕾斯001倍滑裝以改性水性聚氨酯乳液 (Modified Waterborne PUD) 製造,達到更薄*效果,使用時更能感受對方溫度。
  2. 無色無味 - 使用時感覺舒適 。


  • 穿戴:垂直設計,擁有儲精袋及平滑表面
  • 包裝:一揭開,秒分正反。開啟包裝即為衛生套正面
  • 100% 通過電子測試


^ 與杜蕾斯 001 比較。          

* 與杜蕾斯乳膠安全套產品比較。


Durex 001 Ultra Lube Condom, new DUALUBE ® formula up to 120% smoothness^, premium smooth enjoyment.


Lubrication: New DUALUBE ® formula, mixing 2 types of silicone oil lubricant, up to 120% smoothness^.


Thin: Thinness is the same at all 5 selected points on condom for super thin experience.

Girth: Regular fit (54mm +/-2mm)


Material: Durex Waterborne PU

  1. Thinner* – Condom made with Modified Waterborne PUD which is thinner*. Brings you more sensitivity to feel your partner’s body temperature.
  2. Transparent and without flavour – Comfortable usage experience.


  • Wearing: Straight-walled design, teat ended and smooth
  • Packaging: Easy to get it on the right first time. The front of the condom is shown once open the container
  • 100% of condoms are electronically tested


^ Compared with Durex 001 condom.

* Compared with Durex latex condoms.